Saturday, June 11, 2011

a note on linguistic variations common to central new mexico


observation, speculation, interpretation and documentation exists, with regards to the influence and continued expression of Spanish, Mexican and indigenous cultural memes embedded linguistically within the framework of the predominantly English-speaking and Northern-European derived cultural milieu situated on the banks of a small unnavigable river and spreading out towards windy desert plains, dormant volcanoes and lofty, tree-clad mountains to the east and west, which form this human settlement's fringe.

A neologism, Spanglish, has been created to describe this communications phenomena. Often times, Spanish idioms are placed directly within the fabric of English message transmission.

¡A la máquina, bro!

This unique cultural “file-sharing” is not limited, however to the acquisition of memetic devices from other major or competing sources and in fact has many subcultural influences as well. The incorporation of regional and niche words and phases culled from the continous and dynamic interplay between dominant and sub-cultures have come to assume an important role in expression among the sentient, language-possessing beings inhabiting
the above described swath of physical geography.

Far out, mang.

The later half of the previous century saw climactic societal, technological and ethical revolution and evolution taking place on a global scale. In microcosm, those events were mirrored in the Middle Rio Grande Valley, which is generally and colloquially referred to as Burque, by its inhabitants. In particular and at that time of upheaval, the area was colonised by members of a subculture which had recently undertaken the deconstruction, sometimes through psychotropic experience, of the predominant culture. Dynamic communities of these people developed in the aforementioned mountains, at places with names like
Tawapa and Madrid, a Spanish name which was often mispronounced, announcing its newness. The influence of their peculiar and psychedelic rendering of English became broader when they began to settle and participate economically in the area near the local university.

Kewl beans.

Perplexingly, given that the area described is situated on the plateau of
a high desert with an average elevation of 5200 feet above the sea, far, far away from the sea, oceanic culture, especially that derived from transplants from the coastal areas, some 900 miles to the west, has subtly influenced oral communication patterns.

Like, that's sooo bitchin'!

Califa's ascendancy in providing updated linguistic devices for absorption and transmission in Burque is made more complex by its link to Chicano culture, which is itself a hybrid, with several indigenous, European and middle-eastern sources. The words in question are sometimes used to initate, to call for, emotional or more intimate forms of communication.

A ponemos chancla.

The pervasiveness of electronic media and the myriad signifiers which it engenders have, of course, had significant import, In particular, popular music, freely available and saturating media outlets thickly and ubiquitously, has had a profound effect on verbal expression. It is common now, in settings as divergent as formal corporate environments and
the local blogosphere, to make use of words, phrases and ideas that have as their roots rock and hip hop culture.

And that's how I roll.